Be aware
you see it happen

What if there was a technology that could give you a 6th sense?

A thunderstorm is crackling overhead and you’re walking down a city street at night with the rain pouring down. You’re about to cross the road when your watch beeps “Speeding driver warning”. You stop and look up and a split second later a speeding car skids around the corner narrowly missing the on coming traffic.

SuperSoniQ is a new digital platform built on a ground breaking Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology. SuperSoniQ will bridge the physical and digital world at an unprecedented density and scale.

This will change the way we sense and respond in public spaces.

Introducing Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology

All displays in this video are based on real world data collected using Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology in cities with digitisation engines running in real time on the SuperSoniQ platform.

 Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology is a new generation of sensor capability that follows in the footsteps of the big three wide area sensing capabilities invented last century – RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging), SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).

Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology has the range of RADAR with the classifying ability of SONAR but with the disruptive ability to do real time detection of objects and events as a total gapless fabric in public spaces including cities.

Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology sits at the intersection of two distinct industries – the massive optical fiber cable networks in cities that carry the internet and cutting edge optical fiber sensor technology. Once Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology is implemented, the SuperSoniQ platform effectively converts fiber telecom networks in cities in to continuous digital fabric that can index objects and events by location and time. Just like your hearing, SuperSoniQ is able to convert vibrations in to a detection and recognition of objects and events in real time over wide areas.

​This is not another IoT. With no need for any specialised equipment on the objects or at the site of the event being digitised this platform is powered by a new class of sensing fabric that captures all objects and events in the sensing area in 3rd party in real time with no gaps. There are a number of unprecedented capabilities that have been demonstrated on SuperSoniQ that are just not possible with the discrete sensors of the IoT.

​This SuperSoniQ platform is demonstrating a wide range of safety, security, productivity and efficiency benefits across an array of stake holders that share public space in cities.

“It’s like turning on a super sense. You can see a car on SuperSoniQ coming around a blind corner and then there it is in front of you a few seconds later, it’s extraordinary to experience for the first time”.

Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology is adding the final piece to today’s mapping technologies – the dynamic objects and events in cities – to bridge in a total digitisation of public spaces in cites.

Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology is based on vibration sensing through the ground – it can’t hear voices, it can’t see faces and it can’t see car number plates. It is naturally anonymised and privacy assurance is hard wired in to SuperSoniQ from day 1. Privacy assurance over SuperSoniQ is proving to be an important advantage over the privacy concerns that exist with mass deployments of video cameras.

The real time index of objects and events in SuperSoniQ is similar to the index Google used in the early days of the internet. As you can search Google for items on the internet, you can search the anonymised objects and events from the physical world on SuperSoniQ both in real time and historically.

Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology – Google the physical world. 

Ships Cars
Buses and many more
Water leaks
and many more

Digital Asset – Metro

Game changing threat detection over total asset that works in cities

Digital Asset – Marine

The first solution for connecting events underwater with vessels on the surface

Digital City

The first solution for individual vehicle detection and tracking.

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