FiberSense has deep competencies that sit at the intersection of optical fiber sensing, optical fiber telecoms networks, integrated photonics and machine learning.


The SuperSoniQ platform was designed to dramatically improve your experience of interacting and moving through public spaces. Public spaces are increasingly full of unpleasant experiences and unexpected events that could be avoided or removed entirely if you had the ability to expand your awareness of the public spaces that are relevant to you or your responsibilities.


Founded in 2015, FiberSense sits uniquely at the intersection of large scale optical fiber telecoms networks and cutting edge optical fiber sensor technology. The capability from this combination we refer to as Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology. The core notion of converting scale optical fiber telecoms networks in to Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology is now protected in granted patents. The highly specialised team at FiberSense has focussed on making Vibration Detection and Ranging Technology and its mind blowing capabilities implemented on the SuperSoniQ platform easy to access. 

Ordering SuperSoniQ in your area or over your critical assets is now like ordering a cloud service. We deliver the physical sensing and digital fabric capability from optical fibers owned by you or FiberSense or from one of our optical fiber cable partners.





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