Digital Asset


Be aware before it happens – on your metro asset

Game changing threat detection over total asset that works in cities

DigitalAsset provides a new level of awareness and security for critical infrastructure. The DigitalAsset service provides real time warnings of physical threats, such as excavation, that impact your infrastructure integrity, enabling intervention before damage occurs or culpable party identification before they leave.

Critical infrastructure across cities

  • Utilities – Power, gas, telecoms and water
  • Digital infrastructure – data centers, central offices, metropolitan core fiber networks, submarine cables;

DigitalAsset is particularly effective at turning existing patrol resources in to a highly efficient queued interdiction capability.

DigitalAsset works in cities period.

SuperSoniQ spent years focussing on developing algorithms that operate robustly in high clutter noisy city environments with high threat discrimination and low false alarm rates. Low false alarms are the key to the utility of DigitalAsset in cities and there is extensive city operating data to support this for our clients.

Optical fiber telecoms assets are no longer just data pipes.

They are real time data generators.

Billions of miles of optical fiber cable now make up the backbone of the internet. These fiber telecoms networks run side by side with the other critical linear infrastructure in the area such as electricity, gas, water. These fiber cables also run through rights of way for roads and rail infrastructure.​

Existing fiber telecoms networks that enable the SuperSoniQ platform are able to dramatically improve the resiliency, uptime and maintenance efficiency of all the critical linear infrastructure in cities and public spaces. Unlike the IoT, there is no requirement for a truck roll, field enclosure, permitting, power supply install, sensor install or telemetry system install. The optical fiber already in the ground is the sensor, the power supply and the telemetry all in one.

Billions of miles of fiber cable asset is ready to be switched over from data transmission to the new world of data generation.

Optical fiber telecoms networks that turn on the SuperSoniQ platform now have a new and in most cases proprietary revenue source from an asset that (outside of the big public cloud platforms) has been rapidly commoditising.

Figure: indicative layout of a street cross section with location of underground infrastructure right next to Telecommunications optical fiber cables where SuperSoniQ can be deployed

Trailing performance statistics
Total Threat

False Positive
Detection Rate

False NEGATIVE Detection Rate

“The precision mapping process that Fiber Sense conducts when enabling the Fiber Sense DigitalAsset service has been invaluable in ensuring we know exactly where our assets are, not just where they are meant to be.”

David Clampett, Network Administrator, Southern Cross Cable Network.

“Fiber Sense DigitalAsset is providing us with great around the clock information about the volume and nature of the potential threats to our network, which allows us to take proactive steps to ensure we achieve maximum uptime.”

Neville Hainke, Manager, Technology and Customer Support, Southern Cross Cable Network.

Superloop has been using FiberSense DigitalAsset to monitor and protect our Singapore fiber network infrastructure for five months. During this time, the system has been providing valuable real-time excavation detection information, allowing us to target our field crews to the locations that are at most risk.

On Monday 3rd August, we had a detection alert from the DigitalAsset portal and FiberSense NOC and we dispatched our field crew to investigate. When they arrived on site, they found a contractor excavating rigid pavement. The contractor was working without valid work permits and we immediately issued a Stop Work instruction and stood the crew down.

Without the Rogue Digging alarm from FiberSense, the contractor could have easily damaged our fiber network, causing significant cost and impacting our customers with an avoidable outage.

Andrew Perkins, Head of Fibre Infrastructure, Superloop.

“We have deployed the FiberSense DigitalAsset solution across our network in Singapore to help us protect our network from being damaged. The solution allows us to accurately identify construction activity and, in particular, stop Rogue Digging events – contractors working without permits. Rogue Digging events present the highest risk of damage to our network and DigitalAsset allows us to effectively deploy our field crews to an exact location to intervene before our network can be damaged.”

Jeffrey Seah, Fibre Project Manager, Superloop Singapore.

Digital Asset


Be aware before it happens – on your marine asset

The first solution for connecting events underwater with vessles on the surface

DigitalAsset Marine service provides total awareness along your marine asset for events that may cause a service interruption.

DigitalAsset Marine provides the only solution to accurately pinpoint culpable parties, backed with proven detection performance.

DigitalAsset Marine features event/fault localisation integrated with AIS to provide early warning of threats to cables (e.g. anchor drag) and identification of the vessel. DigitalAsset Marine is designed to identify asset exposure, suspension and shunt faults.

DigitalAsset Marine utilizes advanced optical fiber sensing technology to detect objects and events in the vicinity of marine cables.

  • Accurate location of an outage causing event for rapid restoration
  • Identification of culpable parties;
  • Threat mitigation and intelligent maintenance;
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced cost;

Event detection from submarine cables

DigitalAsset – Marine – Trailing Performance Statistics

Identified Vessels
in Asset Proximity


False Positive
Detection Rate


“The Fiber Sense acoustic sensing service, DigitalAsset™, allows us to detect multiple threats from a single platform, which is important in a marine environment where risks can come from a wide variety of sources, such as vessels anchoring, seismic events, etc. The fact that system does not require the deployment of any active sensors is ideal from an operations and maintenance perspective”

Joska Ferencz, Chief Operating Officer, Basslink

“Fiber Sense is allowing us for the first time to actively monitor and protect the terrestrial network at the physical layer. Through early detection and threat discrimination Fiber Sense DigitalAsset allows us to effectively and efficiently intervene to help guard against outages. We are looking forward to the next evolution of DigitalAsset, which will enable us to further protect the marine side of the network.”

Dean Veverka, Director Networks & Vice President Operations, Southern Cross Cable Network.

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