Digital Street™

Be aware before it happens – on the street

All displays in this video are based on real data from existing SuperSoniQ systems in cities with digitisation engines running in real time.

There are no simulations involved.

DigitalStreet is the first financially sensible solution for real time sensing of road vehicles in an area. Unlike the IoT or V2x approaches to smart road, DigitalStreet senses passively and has no requirement for specialised equipment on the road vehicles being sensed – this is game changing. The big difference – substantially all vehicles in the sensing area are sensed from day 1. This nascent capability has beeb deployed in both the US and Australia and is already demonstrating material safety, security, efficiency and productivity benefits.

DigitalStreet capabilities include;

  • ​Local governments – High resolution traffic flows down to start and stop of trips and continuous speed profiles per car 24×7 everywhere in sensing area.
  • Safety – Speeding profiles on a per vehicle basis
  • Safety – Traffic incident detection and response
  • Safety – Driver assistance applications in car & pedestrian assistance
  • Councils – Public transport & road contractor monitoring & compliance
  • Autonomous vehicle operation and monitoring

SuperSoniQ has a number of solutions for implementing fiber cable sensing grids in an area suitable for DigitalStreet.


Digital Freeway™

Be aware before it happens – on the Freeway

DigitalFreeway™ ushers in the choice for a new standard of safety and efficiency on highways and freeways around the world. DigitalFreeway provides a new class of real time information of a variety of events on and around roads to the freeway users, freeway maintenance crews, freeway owners and emergency services.

​Please contact us for a live demonstration and capability details.

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